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Energetic Healing
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About Me

Julian began studying massage in 2009. After four years of training in Polarity Therapy (an integrated system of physical, psychosomatic and energetic techniques), his goal has been to teach how to discover and to connect with the deepest, authentic and highest self and help to live a life full of meaning and purpose; providing the tools and knowledge necessary to become responsible for your health and wellness. He is a Polarity Therapy Professional from Madrid, a member of I.P.E.A. (The International Polarity Education Alliance).  Julian also studied History of Philosophy in Complutense University in Madrid, and is a teacher of Arts, Creativity and Techniques for personal development. In the last years he has worked in Dublin therapy centers such as: Restore Wellness Centre, Harvest Moon Centre, Stressless, Salus Corporate, Melt Natural Healing Centre, Dublin Holistic Centre and the Olive Tree Space as well as with corporate clients such as: Google, Linkedin, AIB Bank, Autodesk, Keywords, Go Fund Me, …

"Human souls and bodies were created for the conscious evolution and experience of life in space; to know, feel, see and understand the energy currents into the matter."

My Treatments

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Massage and Body Work

Full Body Relax Massage

Back/Neck/Shoulders Massage

Lomi Lomi Hawaian Massage

Deep tissue Massage

Guidance & Energetic Work

Polarity Therapy
Emotional Release & Healthy Expression

Energetic Healing & Re-Balancing

4 Hands Polarity Session

Polarity was a new concept for me and one that I found to be most enjoyable. When I started the sessions I was at a low ebb suffering with a lot of stress and digestive problems. I saw the sessions as 'me time' and Julian helped me realise that you have to look after yourself. The sessions were so relaxing and calming and I found Julian to be extremely gentle and caring. He was definitely born with a special gift. I am completely free of digestive problems and generally more relaxed as a result of the sessions. Thank you Julian for all your help


"Only to express my gratitude for the way you dealt and to say thank you to Julian for coming straight away and for his remarkable treatment. Isn't every day that we find someone so knowledgeable professional, compassionated and interested in the patient well being."  


As a person who is very rarely completely relaxed, I went to my first session with Julian feeling anxious. I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable Julian helped me to feel. I always find myself to be quite relaxed and refreshed after each session. Since beginning polarity with Julian a few months ago I have noticed improvement of chronic pain I have in both my knees and feet. If you are considering polarity, I don't think you could find a better therapist than Julian!


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Book an appoinment

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