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What is


A unique and powerful balancing system aimed at integrating our physical, emotional and mental well-being

 Polarity therapy offers individuals a systematic method which promotes self-awareness, vitality, and relaxation. It is based on the premise that disease or discomfort occur when our life energy is blocked or is out of balance. The free flow of life energy is necessary for good health and balanced state of being. The aim is to correct imbalances in the energy flow and enable the body's self-healing systems to operate effectively. Diet, yoga, massage and facilitation are the key areas we can address.

How can it help me?

Relief from stress, anxiety, fear, frustration, pain and insomnia is experienced. Polarity Therapy produces deep relaxation very quickly in one session, relieving symptoms. It helps to make profound changes in habits and life attitudes, essential to maintaining good health...

What is included in the massage body work session?

The first  session includes detailed questions about physical and mental health, diet, exercise, health concerns, work and more. The patient lies on a massage table while the therapist scans for imbalances and checks paths of energy flow. The polarity therapist may use a variety of techniques to balance and clear energy field pathways. Some of these include gently twisting the torso, spinal realignment, pulling toes, rocking motions, acupressure, and moving the hands along the body's natural energy pathways. The other aspects include supportive counseling, deep-breathing exercises, diet changes, stretching and yoga.           


The massage work consists of gentle, hands-on contact often with rocking movements of the body. The whole body approach may involve working with many parts of the body or may concentrate on a few only. The work is done whilst fully clothed.

Deep and enduring benefits

After a session on the massage table the body is reset energetically to return to everyday life.  In the following days,  profound changes take place that help us to connect with the depths and authenticity of our being and thus encourage us to find more meaning, confidence, security and peace in our lives.

How many sessions do I need ?

As polarity therapy is based on the unique needs of a person at the time; no two sessions are exactly alike,  depending on the person and his or her needs. During a successful session of polarity therapy, the person is said to experience a state of deep relaxation. A polarity therapy session lasts about an hour or more. Generally, it is recommended for use alongside conventional medical care.

Polarity Therapy
Emotional Release & Healthy Expression

Energetic Healing & Re-Balancing

Life Coaching

4 Hands Polarity Session


Why is it called Polarity Therapy?


The human body is connected through multiple channels and electromagnetic fields. These fields are constantly moving and governed by electrical polarity, aligning a positive pole to the negative pole within the body through neutral energetic fields.

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