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Guidance and Energetic Work (via Polarity Therapy Tools)

Polarity therapy is a unique and powerful balancing system with techniques aimed at integrating our physical, emotional and mental well-being.  It offers individuals a systematic method which promotes self-awareness, vitality and relaxation as well as a full body assessment of physical, emotional and energetic health.


Polarity Therapy

60' - 80 Euro  /  90' - 100 Euro

Similar to above but with additional attention, exercises, & gentle care to key points in the body, i.e. jaw, heart, hips, and feet where emotions tend to lodge & cause painful tension. Clients experience emotional release & more ease in movement that brings a greater sense of well-being, and capacity to express feelings & share genuine love. 


Emotional Release & Healthy Expression 

60' - 80 Euro  /  90' - 100 Euro

Talk therapy, guidance, and instruction for DIY exercises to empower clients to transform their lives for the better.

  • Gaining clarity about what you truly want and why you want it

  • Figuring out where you are now and where you want to be

  • Overcoming obstacles, fears, and insecurities

  • Understanding what possibilities are out there for you

  • Learning tools to help you reach your goals


Life Coaching

60' - 80 Euro  /  90' - 100 Euro

Incredible, intensive and deep experience with 2 Certified Professional Polarity therapists (Danielle Vierling and Julian). Full Body Review with check-up of Physical, Emotional and Energetic Health. Four hands accompanied by voice and music at the same time allow is to work on all the process in the body with double the intensity to transport you into a total state of bliss an energetic harmony. A dynamic method which promotes self-awareness, vitality and deep relaxation.

four hands healing massage 2.jpg

4 Hands Polarity Therapy

90' - 150 Euro


I knew nothing of Polarity Therapy really before my sessions with Julian began. The biggest thing I've learned is that balance is the most important thing for health and well being. Polarity Therapy is an incredibly powerful way of restoring balance. Julian is a fantastic therapist his knowledge and warmth made me feel really safe and this security allowed me to release trapped emotions through this work. Once these emotions began to release, balance came back to me. My energy levels and feeling of calm were restored. I highly recommend Julian as a Polarity Therapist he is knowledgeable, caring, professional and exceptional at identifying blocks and restoring and balancing a person's energy. I had no idea how powerful and important this is to my health and well being until I worked with Julian.

Polarity was a new concept for me and one that I found to be most enjoyable. When I started the sessions I was at a low ebb suffering with a lot of stress and digestive problems. I saw the sessions as 'me time' and Julian helped me realise that you have to look after yourself. The sessions were so relaxing and calming and I found Julian to be extremely gentle and caring. He was definitely born with a special gift. I am completely free of digestive problems and generally more relaxed as a result of the sessions. Thank you Julian for all your help.

I am a yoga teacher myself and a person who feels the demands of life, city life, very keenly. I was going through a lot when I had my first few sessions with Julian. It was an intense time, my father was ill and then passed away, and finances were tight. Each session was very different and Julian was highly receptive and open to what the session needed to incorporate. Sometimes we talked more, or less, or there was more work on the plinth, or less. Each session was alive, receptive and from the heart. It was exactly what I needed even thought at times it was difficult to go through.
Julian has immense compassion, generosity, strength and tenderness. His Polarity Therapy seems to be a genuine gift of his which he shares.
I can't recommend him or polarity therapy highly enough


As a person who is very rarely completely relaxed, I went to my first session with Julian feeling anxious. I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable Julian helped me to feel. I always find myself to be quite relaxed and refreshed after each session. Since beginning polarity with Julian a few months ago I have noticed improvement of chronic pain I have in both my knees and feet. If you are considering polarity, I don't think you could find a better therapist than Julian!


I have had several polarity sessions with Julian and I was very impressed. I am new to polarity therapy, but in opinion, Julian is an excellent practitioner both technically and professionally. Each session left me feeling relaxed and happy, but I actually was most impressed by Julian's demeanor, empathy and thoroughness. His level of care and sensitivity is remarkable and I would highly recommend Julian to anyone considering polarity therapy. Thank You!


I had a polarity session with Julian recently and it was very relaxing and enjoyable. It is a very good way to relax and lose your stress and I found the session both interesting and useful. I would definitely recommend it.


Being a polarity therapist myself, I went to Julian for a session and I was impressed at his passion and understanding of polarity. I was also impressed about his professionalism, compassion, listening skills and his warm welcome. I had four sessions with Julian. During the first session he assessed my body alignment and he did some structural work because one of my legs was slightly shorter than the other. After two sessions of structural work I have to say that I felt the correction was achieved. During the fourth session we talked. Some issues came up that I needed to see more clearly. During this process I felt listened to in a non judgmental way, with empathy and compassion. When I arrived home I became aware of having much more energy and a more positive attitude about the whole situation. I know that every time I receive a polarity session it will be different according to my needs at that time. I intend to receive more polarity sessions in order to maintain myself energetically balanced, that is, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy.


I have had many Polarity sessions with Julian. Each session has been unique to my needs that day. I have left each session feeling balanced, relaxed, and refreshed. I have also learned a little more about myself and my body from each session. I strongly recommend to try Polarity Therapy with Julian, he has a deep knowledge of the process which he communicates skillfully.


It was my first contact with the Polarity Therapy ever. After sessions I felt relaxed, peaceful also full of energy. Sessions which I had with Julian helped me to understand some aspects of my life, health and body. Julian is a wonderful person, who is always ready lo listen. I'm highly recommending to experience what he is doing. And he's going a great job.


I am a housewife and a mom of 3 wonderful children. I am usually an easy going person, but society and present day pace of life is so demanding. This creates lots of pressure internally, in relationships and spoils joy of life. I’ve been looking for a true balance in life by taking up different spiritual and emotional disciplines and practices. But nothing helped me more than polarity therapy. After a few sessions I can wholeheartedly say that this treatment has changed most aspects of my life for the better through being more connected with myself, more balanced, positive and calmer. I think Polarity's very surprising and powerful. Furthermore, the polarity therapist, Julian’s presence and how he talked to me and explained everything, made me feel very comfortable with the treatment. Julian has huge vision, empathy, compassion and patience. His healing and energy is so inspiring and one must experience his healing to see for themselves. Also my body felt so good and relaxed from his treatment. Thank you very much!
Never tried anything so powerful before. It definitely works.
Highly recommendable.


Polarity is a unique experience. It has an effect physically and mentally. After a treatment I always feel more balanced and aligned. What I also really like about Polarity is that you receive some home care advice with some recommended lifestyle changes that can empower you in your everyday life. The treatment is deeply relaxing and afterwards I always feel lighter and balanced. I would highly recommend Polarity to everyone.


My polarity therapy sessions with Julian have brought me more energetic flow, balance, and well-being. I always come away feeling lighter in my being and more relaxed in myself. I am very grateful for the benefits!


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