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True Life



True Life Connection Program is the best way to have a full and meaningful life. By being honest with yourself and connecting with your true essence, you can have inner peace and achieve your dreams. We have created a 10 sessions complete program during 2 months through Polarity Therapy to address Physical, Emotional and Energetic Health. The scope of this program allows ample time for exploring the diet, habits, corporal position, energy level, and emotional issues – all components and sources of energy in your life. We’ll take time to engage and understand the origins and causes of what is happening in your inner self.

True Life Connection Program includes ten private 90 minutes sessions with the follow structure:

1. Initial session to evaluate your current state of being, establish targets and teach the first routines.

2. Body work massage session to release physical blocks.

3. Polarity Therapy session. Earth Element liberation and balance (Structure, security, fear, grounding).
4. Polarity Therapy session. Air Element liberation and balance (Thoughts, ideas, attention, mental activity).

5. Polarity Therapy session. Fire Element liberation and balance (Vitality, action, power, expression).

6. Polarity Therapy session. Water Element liberation and balance (Emotions, sexuality, creativity).

7. Polarity Therapy session. Ether Element liberation and balance (Space, source, connection, beliefs).

8. Polarity Therapy session. Integration of  Elements within.

9. Polarity Yoga Exercises instruction and practice session.

10. Final evaluation session.

This comprehensive program include daily routines of diet, meditation, yoga and healthy emotional habits.

Full True Life Connection Program €1200

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